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Fusing the spirit of manufacturing excellence at YOSHIDA with a modern sensibility
Combining both beauty and utility, our cosmetic containers are designed to grace numerous stages
YOSHIDA traces its roots back to the post-war years when we began producing cosmetic compacts to order in the burnt-out ruins of Japan.
By producing 100 compacts a day, we could help 100 women to be beautiful. That being the case, we decided to strive for 200.
Esprit, our original standard cosmetic container brand, is the inheritor of our resolve to continue refining our technological and production capabilities combined with a refusal to admit the impossible. This resolve has remained constant since founding a brand we have poured all of our passion for manufacturing into.
YOSHIDA is a world-leading compact manufacturer, and our techniques enable us to deliver a lineup of high-quality compacts to major cosmetics manufacturers.
We do not charge the mold fabrication fees, and are ready to accommodate all your requests, from container materials to combinations of decoration, including printing, coating and deposition.