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YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS traces its roots back to 1946, when Shigeki Yoshida returned from the war front and established Yoshida Seisakusho (Yoshida Manufacturing Company) in the burnt-out ruins of downtown Tokyo. Back then, production started early and the company’s compact cases were delivered to major cosmetics manufacturers in hand-drawn carts.
Having now been engaged in the production of plastic cosmetics containers for 80 years, we have created the “Esprit series” of standard cosmetics containers, as the distillation of our technological expertise. We produce high-performance containers in small lots with original designs.

Yoshida as world-leading compact manufacturer,
recognized all over the world.

YOSHIDA manufactures a variety of cosmetic containers, but our strong point is compacts. YOSHIDA has patented the hook-piece mechanism that enables our compacts to be opened with one click, the construction for refills that maintains the airtightness of the cosmetic, and numerous other related technologies, and the name YOSHIDA is now synonymous with the development of the world’s finest compacts. These technologies enable us to combine developmental capabilities needed to create a succession of new mechanisms, alongside the ability to plan new environmentally-friendly products, the design capabilities needed to pursue ergonomic designs that fit the human hand, quality management capabilities that have been honed through mass production, and outstanding production capabilities and cost competitiveness based on an automated production line that integrates humans and machines.

The much-anticipated release of our standard container “Esprit series” incorporates our desire to see the cosmetic cases we create based on our technological prowess used by as many people as possible, along with all the feeling we put into our cosmetic containers.
Since we do not charge mold fabrication fees, we can accommodate small-lot production. All our containers are equipped with a top specification mechanism, allowing you to customize your options, including coating, deposition, silk prints, and foil stamping, as well as raw material color, and to create highly original and stylish cosmetic containers at low cost.

Esprit – the original YOSHIDA brand

Esprit – YOSHIDA’s range of standard cosmetic containers make functional, stylish, low-cost containers a reality.
Ideal for customers seeking highly original, small-batch, limited-edition containers. Our ongoing pursuit of better plastic molding and decoration technologies enables us to offer you the solution you’re looking for.
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