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YOSHIDA Originals

“ornament” is our brand of one-of-a-kind, limited-edition products produced by YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS.
YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS’ innovative In-mold Decoration technology not only enhances the aesthetic beauty of our products; it also revolutionizes their functionality.
When we create products, we think of them as new expressions that transcend superficial design and develop intrinsic value.

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Combining traditional Japanese design and modern technology, KICHI is a brand that brings color into your life.
A blend of wood, cotton, Japanese paper and other natural materials loved in Japan since ancient times with cutting-edge technology.
Encounters that at first appear incongruous spin tales of unique contrast and beautiful synergy.
Items designed to create festive occasions when everyone is smiling, in addition to making each and every day feel auspicious simply by incorporating them into your life.

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Esprit – our brand of standard cosmetic containers evolved from the origins of YOSHIDA. Our containers are functional, inexpensive and bursting with originality.
The Esprit range of standard cosmetic containers was created to meet the needs of customers seeking functional containers with perfect brand fit, even in small lots.
We do not charge mold fabrication fees, and are ready to accommodate all your requests, from container materials to combinations of decoration, including printing, coating and deposition, helping you to create truly original containers.

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