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The innovative In-mold Decoration technology developed by Yoshida Technoworks imprints design features during the plastic molding process. In-mold Decoration can render complex and irregular design elements to the highest quality standards. It is more cost-effective as it eliminates post-processing such as painting and drying. In addition, it also produces less CO2 emissions.
If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of In-mold Decoration, now is the time to get in touch with us and find out more! Problem-solving is our specialty. We will work with you to design a solution that exceeds your expectations. In addition to our considerable technical experience and expertise, we are always looking to explore new ideas and methodologies where appropriate. Rest assured that we will meet your needs every time!
Showing the charm of Plastic
In this short video from internet broadcaster Cow Television, some of our satisfied clients discuss the benefits and advantages of In-mold Decoration technology.
Optimized solutions
Perhaps you’ve got a design in mind but you’re not sure if it’s technically realistic or feasible. Leave the hard part to us! We will work with you to identify your specific product design requirements, as well as other aspects such as productivity and branding, in order to ensure that we fully understand your needs. Our many satisfied clients appreciate the superior technical and quality standards at Yoshida Technoworks, as well as our whole-of-company commitment to working closely with every individual client to deliver optimized outcomes.
Innovative technology replaces spray painting processes
In-mold Decoration is a plastic processing technology that simultaneously molds and decorates by sandwiching a film with a printed graphic inside a mold. You can add new designs simply by changing the decorative film. Lead times are reduced since drying time is not required. It’s a quicker and easier way to create attractive and appealing designs for molded products. In-mold Decoration also generates about 30% less CO2 emissions compared to plastic molding with spray painting processes.
A whole new world of design
In-mold Decoration lets you create uniquely different designs that are beyond the capabilities of conventional painting and vapor deposition techniques. For example, you can combine plastic with materials such as leather, textiles or glass, add specialty metallic and marbled finishes, or add gradation flourishes. Double-sided In-mold Decoration can be used for unibody applications as well as specialty geometries with ribs or protrusions at the rear, thereby adding greater depth to designs.
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