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Introducing new possibilities for design variation and efficient product development

YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS empowers your success
One of the advantages of In-mold Decoration is that designs can be transformed simply by changing the film (In-mold Decoration foil).
This equates to a wider range of possibilities, including the potential to develop new variations of existing models or to refresh a design completely, all whilst remaining highly cost-effective.
YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS takes pride in its In-mold Decoration technology, and we invite you to put them to use.

Proposing better solutions to each and every issue

As a pioneer of In-mold Decoration, YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS offers proposals that expand the possibilities of manufacturing from a wide range of options.

Consult us about your In-mold Decoration needs before your product design is complete
At YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS, we leverage our store of technologies and expertise to consider your problems from a variety of angles and help you to expand the range of design possibilities.
YOSHIDA has been producing cosmetic compacts for 80 years, drawing on a wealth of technologies and experience in decorative design, leading to our reputation as a world-leading compact manufacturer.

Consult us, even if your product design is almost fixed
To help you improve your manufacturing productivity, YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS delivers an In-mold Analysis Report that establishes In-mold Decoration feasibility, the conditions and geometry necessary to increasing In-mold Decoration yield, and the optimal film (In-mold Decoration foil) options for each of your products.
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