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Introducing light,
durable and beautiful plastic tableware

YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS empowers your success
The specific gravity of plastic is half that of glass, ceramics and porcelain.
When used in tableware, plastic is both light and break resistant.
Are you looking to make the most of these benefits and manufacture tableware that is visually appealing, feels luxurious and has a unique design?
If that’s what you’re looking for, leave it to YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS.

Plastic manufacturing is contemporary craftsmanship

Distinctively different plastic tableware
We apply YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS proprietary In-mold Decoration technology, then draw on our unique expertise to create pre-molded tableware in a separate mold, thereby creating beautifully designed, distinctive and elegant-looking plastic tableware that is light, durable and utterly different from the plastic tableware of the past.
Typically, when pre-melted plastic is filled into the mold during the second molding process, the graphic (printed surface) on the decorative film adhering to the surface of the tableware will run off. The construction of our molds and the finesse of our operators, however, means that the decorative film applied to tableware during the first In-mold Decoration process will be sealed in instead of running off during the second process. These hermetically-sealed designs will not rub off due to abrasion, even after repeated use.

They resemble high-quality glass tableware, each piece of which has been handblown by a craftsman. Standard plastic molding is no more than a “mold-based tool for mass production”. At YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS, however, we strive to create plastics that merit the “contemporary craftsmanship” appellation (i.e. they look handmade).
This attention to detail, we produce light, durable, and elegant plastic tableware that overturns the conventional image under OEM contract.

KICHI – our original tableware brand

With WAZARA, the first range of products to appear under the KICHI brand name, a layer of foil featuring a motif of oyster pearls from Ise Shima is transferred during In-mold Decoration, after which the decorative surface is hermetically sealed onto the tableware by insert molding. These are items of rare beauty that shine with YOSHIDA’s technical capabilities.
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