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History Technological Developments
Oct. 1946
Synthetic resin molding manufacturing company, Yoshida Seisaku-sho (Yoshida Mfg.) is founded in Azumacho, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Jun. 1950
Renamed Yoshida Industry Co., Ltd
Oct. 1951
Second and third factories commence operation in Azumacho, Sumida-ku
May 1952
Moves into injection molding
Nov. 1958
Yoshida Sangyo Corporation is established as an independent sales arm to strengthen business operations
Jun. 1960
Operations commence at the newly constructed Ofuna Factory
Jun. 1961
Operations commence at the newly constructed Nagano Factory
Aug. 1964
New head office building is completed
Jan. 1965
New sales office opens in Osaka
Sep. 1965
Commences fully automated molding using large-scale compression machinery
Jun. 1968
Commences injection blow molding
Nov. 1968
Operations commence at the newly constructed Ashikaga Factory
Jul. 1970
A mold factory is added to the Ashikaga Factory facilities
Sep. 1976
The Nagano Factory undergoes a complete overhaul
Aug. 1977
Commences stretch blow molding production
May 1979
Commences tube production
Apr. 1973
World first
Develops single-sided In-mold Decoration
Dec. 1974
Develops rotational double-shot molding technology
Jan. 1975
Develops YKIB molding technology
Jul. 1979
World first
Develops the YK hook
Feb. 1981
Begins exporting technology to French company, LIR
Apr. 1981
Operations commence at the newly constructed Shizuoka Factory
May 1985
Introduces CAD (Computer-aided design)
Apr. 1987
Begins outsourcing production to Taiwan
Jun. 1988
Begins outsourcing production to Korea
Aug. 1989
Begins outsourcing production to Indonesia
May 1980
Develops FP filling technology for cosmetic formulas
Apr. 1981
Develops YK sealing technology
Aug. 1982
Develops YK leather technology
Aug. 1989
Develops YK print super-hard technology
Apr. 1990
Operations commence at the newly constructed Iwate Factory
Mar. 1992
Starts running of compact case automated assembly line
Sep. 1993
Operations commence at a joint venture factory, TYM in France
Nov. 1993
Introduces 3D CAD
Jul. 1995
Operations commence at the newly constructed Tianjin Factory in China
Sep. 1996
Establishes Yoshida International Co., Ltd.
Mar. 1993
Develops the YK-V hook
Dec. 1994
World first
Develops a three-chamber tube
Mar. 1996
Develops the YK-Window
Aug. 1996
Develops airtight compacts
Jun. 1998
Develops powder-agitating containers
Feb. 2000
Acquires ISO 9002 certification (Ofuna Factory)
Jul. 2002
Introduces an integrated production system for “YK-Window” mold finishing
Feb. 2003
Acquires ISO9001 (version 2000) certification (for the Ofuna Factory)
Feb. 2004
Acquires ISO14001 certification
Jun. 2004
Announces name change and corporate spin-off
Nov. 2006
Receives the Tokyo Metropolitan SME Manufacturing Human Resources Development Award
May 2007
Receives “EX-Passport” (good supplier) certification from Panasonic Corporation (formerly Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.)
Mar. 2009
Receives the “Prize for Excellence” at the 21st New Technology and New Product Awards for Small and Medium Enterprises (Resona Foundation)
Mar. 2000
World first
Develops double-sided In-mold Decoration technology
Jun. 2000
Develops mask molding technology
Dec. 2003
Develops YK-Window trimming technology
Dec. 2005
World first
Develops NCVM In-mold Decoration technology
Apr. 2006
World first
Develops a two-shot In-mold Decoration system
Dec. 2008
World first
Develops indium NCVM In-mold Decoration technology
Feb. 2010
Gains first-round “Supported by Sumida” status in Sumida Ward
Jul. 2012
Construction of a new plant completed in Iwate
Sep. 2013
Launches the “ornament” brand
Mar. 2015
“ornament” card cases receive “Sumida Modern 2014” certification
Apr. 2015
The “Solar Home Recovery Project” is completed on a former factory site in Ofunato, Iwate
Solar Home Recovery Project:
3, nakaminato, Ofunato-cho, Ofunato, Iwate
Aug. 2015
“ornament” card cases receive The Wonder 500™ certification from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Feb. 2010
World first
Develops EF In-mold Decoration technology
Dec. 2011
World first
Develops Glass Insert Molding with In-mold Decoration
May 2016
World first
Develops Glass Insert Molding with In-mold Decoration technology for curved glass