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WAZARA adds color to your table with an elegant brilliance that enhances the Japanese aesthetic.
Available in three designs: Snow, Moon, and Flower to symbolize the beauty of the four seasons, each features a traditional and auspicious checkered pattern that has been cherished since ancient Heian era times.
WAZARA marries the usability required by our modern lifestyles with traditional Japanese aesthetics.

雪[yuki] “Snow” - Winter snow, evoking images of integrity, tranquility and purity.
月[tsuki] “Moon” - The autumn moon, evoking images of elegance, mystery and illusion.
花[hana] “Flower” - Spring flowers, evoking images of prettiness, gorgeousness and fascination.
Size: W170 x D170 x H10mm
Weight: 158g
Materials: PC, ABS
3 colors
Made in Japan
Available from the online store The Molding Shop
WAZARA - the first range of KICHI brand products
With a layer of foil featuring a motif of oyster pearls from Ise Shima transferred during injection molding, after which the decorative surface is hermetically sealed onto the container by insert molding, these are items of rare beauty that shine with YOSHIDA’s technical capabilities.
As with handcrafted products, each item is made slowly by hand and with the utmost attention to detail.
The beautiful, composed specifications make WAZARA the perfect choice for easy, elegant entertaining, but will also transform everyday meals and snack times into extra special occasions.