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Capsule - minimalist design that sparkles with lustrous intensity
Ornament Capsule
Capsule's inner pearlescent deposition shines beautifully through its outer polyhedral surface.
Thanks to its internal layout of tiny parts for opening and closure, you too can delight in the crystalline beauty of Capsule and carry it with you wherever you go.
Size: approx. W38×D38×H48mm
Weight: approx. 13g
Materials: PP resin, MS resin
10 colors
Made in Japan
Available from the online store The Molding Shop
Capsule - endearingly roly-poly containers.
The delicate lock of its minute opening and closure parts means you can carry Capsule with confidence.
Use Capsule to carry small treasures like earrings or rings, for chewing gum or candy, or even for pills. You’re sure to find something special to put inside.