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Card Case - deep, eye-catching color gradients
Ornament Card Case
These subtle color gradients owe their appearance to the tints and textures made possible by our double-sided In-mold Decoration process - a technique pioneered by YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS.

Using your card holder
Gently pressing the sides of the card holder will open the lid up slowly with the motion of a micro damper.
A flap on the bottom lifts the cards simultaneously, making it easy to draw each card out smoothly.
There is also space to tuck a single business card (you have received) inside the lid.
Each case holds approximately 20 business cards
Size: approx. W102 x D67 x H13 mm
Weight: approx. 46g
Materials: PMMA resin, ABS resin
10 colors
Made in Japan
Available from the online store The Molding Shop
YOSHIDA has created the most beautiful business card holders ever conceived.
Available in more than 10 colors, the wide variety is designed to please a range of age groups. Made utilizing YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS technologies, these business card holders let you shine with ease as you do business.
They also make the perfect gift.