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Design Tray - simple, with hints of luxury and delicacy
Ornament Design Tray
Made from TRITAN resin, which boasts a glass-like transparency and outstanding safety, the beautiful color and luster of our Design Tray is made possible with YOSHIDA's In-mold Decoration technology.
NCVM In-mold Decoration technology makes it possible to seal the designs on the inner surface of transparent resin, protecting the decoration and making it hygienic.
Break and chip-resistant but easy to use, our Design Tray is both dishwasher and microwave safe.
The large size can be used as a tray or party platter, while the small size is perfect for a candy dish.
When using with a dishwasher or microwave, please consult the user manual first.
Size S: Diameter 160 x H13 mm  L: Diameter 270 x H14 mm
Weight S: approx. 110g  L: approx. 360g
Materials: TRITAN (polyester resin)
Available in 3 designs (circle, line and leaf)
Made in Japan designtray
Available from the online store The Molding Shop
Luxurious Design Trays, made possible by YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS' In-mold Decoration technology.
The glass-like transparency and metallic sheen were created using TRITAN and our In-mold Decoration technology.
Please try the newly released Design Tray, which combines excellent design and functionality.