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Mirror - the unparalleled beauty of iridescence in a compact size
Ornament Mirror
Our ultra-thin, lightweight mirrors use Japan-made tempered glass- the same type used in smartphone LCDs.
The high-tech glass insert is encased in a thin layer of resin for added protection.
Comes with a handy carry case
Size: approx. W64 x D112 x H0.7 mm, Weight: approx. 12g
Materials: Elastomer Linkron (LDPE resin), domestic tempered glass, artificial leather (case)
Finishes   Mirror side: anti-fingerprint coating, Back side: shatter-resistant film
4 colors
Made in Japan
Available from the online store The Molding Shop
Made using the same tempered glass that protects smartphone screens, Mirror was created to be ultra-thin and lightweight. The edges of the glass are protected using our advanced glass insert molding technology to create these items of rare beauty.
The unique beauty of multi-layer film deposition, which changes color with angle of view, is truly eye-catching. Our ultra-thin mirrors are a mere 0.7 mm thick and are also extremely tough, giving you the freedom to simply place them in your makeup pouch or handbag. Carry your Mirror with confidence (also comes with its own carry case).