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Pen Case - functional form radiating with beautiful luster
Ornament Pen Case
The finely designed flap allows you to open and close Pen Case with a single action, simply by depressing the corners.
With lids created using our double-sided In-mold Decoration technology and a case that shines with a deep luster from the “jet black trivalent chrome plating” of Taiyo Manufacturing, manufacturer of interior components for high-end automobiles, these pen cases are works of art that come with every technical luxury imaginable.
Size: W190 x D44 x H23 mm
Weight: approx. 68g
Materials: AMMA resin, ABS resin, jet black trivalent chrome plating
5 colors
Made in Japan
Available from the online store The Molding Shop
Our new Pen Case is available in five colors: a refined, silver shade of black, a sparkling brilliant yellow, a deep shade of red, a beautiful green reminiscent of the tropical ocean, and a dazzling cyan blue.
The green comes highly recommended, but find your own favorite.