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Proprietary In-mold Technology

Integral molding of glass and
plastic without gaps or protrusions

Any gaps or protrusions where the glass and frame meet may allow dust to penetrate or impair the feel of the product thus affecting product integrity. Normally, glass is bonded to a pre-molded frame, however, the plastic is injected around the glass inside the mold for integrated molding through our Glass Insert Molding with In-mold Decoration process. The result: no gaps or protrusions between glass and plastic.
Integrated molding is well-suited to both flat and curved glass applications. Moreover, the potential for narrower frames allows for larger screens with smaller dimensions. This technology opens up a world of design possibilities for designs with unity, slim forms and other ideas.



  • Narrow bezels without gaps
    or protrusions
  • YOSHIDA has GIM mass production experience
    with curved glass
YOSHIDA has GIM mass production experience with smartphones,
ATMs and hand mirrors
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