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Proprietary In-mold Technology

Double-sided In-mold Decoration
using optical film

Liquid crystal displays, organic electroluminescent diodes, touch panels and other similar molded products must be glare and reflection-resistant and fingerprint-free.
Cultivated over many years, YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS technologies can effectively eliminate these problems. Our double-sided In-mold Decoration technology comprises an AR, AG or AF optical film for the face of the transparent cover and a piano black film or a film with a pre-printed icon for the rear surface.
The result: high designability with a range of functions for panels with a true sense of depth.



  • Front: anti-reflection film
    Rear: piano black printing film
  • Front: anti-glare film
    Rear: piano black printing film
  • Front: anti-fingerprint film
    Rear: icon printing film
YOSHIDA has mass-produced automotive touch screen cover panels
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